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A picture is worth a thousand words....... below is a happy customer. Watch as their rigid-hulled inflatable boat is easily restored using Tuff-coat inflatable boat repair and restoration paint.

The inflatable boat restoration shown below is a major undertaking but we want to demonstrate how a boat destined for the dumpster can be the pride and joy of any discriminating boater. We are performing major repairs and applying Tuff-coat paint to this boat over time. Soon you will see what was once a piece of garbage become a restore inflatable boat perfectly safe and ready for boating. This is only one of many happy customers.

Hypalon Rigid-hull Inflatable Boat (RIB) Restoration Project

inflatable boat paint
There is no problem that this boat doesn't have. It has UV damage, leaking seams, It was coated with a one part coating like GACO or Rhino hide, It has been abraded and has fabric showing through

rigid hull inflatable boat painting
But regardless of the damage, we are confident that our inflatable boat paint and a little elbow grease will be able to make this boat into a thing of beauty.

inflatable boat repairs
The first thing we have to do is get as much of the offending material off as possible. This includes broken handles, bad patches and of course the single part coating.

inflatable boat paint
As you can see from the above picture the fabric is showing through, not just here but all over the boat. One good thing is that the old coating prevented further UV damage to the fabric.

rigid hull inflatable boat painting
The remainder of the bow ring has got to go.

zodiac dinghy inflatable boat paint
Use a heat gun or hairdryer to melt glue and remove handle or old patches.

tuff-coat inflatable boat paint
Old handle, Bow ring and some of the old paint removed ( what a struggle).

Okay, I admit we were worried - Before I can restore this boat I have to get all the old coating off- if I don't it will only be a strong as the old coating - even if it was a good coating it would still have to come off because whoever did it put it on when the humidity was about 100% - in the places where you can peel it off you can see little bubbles of moisture between the coating and the hypalon!

tuffcoat boat paint

zodiac paint

boat restoration paint
Scrape off with wood block. First Get all that old junk off at least one pontoon

tuffcoat boat restoration paint


repairing inflatable boats
Getting the old one part paint off is very tedious but not that hard.  This type of one part system sold for restoring inflatables will work
if applied to the right type of boat under the right conditions. It will not however rebuild the hypalon coating like our paint and it lacks the seal coat which differentiates our paint from other products.

restoring inflatable boats
I lightly rough off the area with a fine 200 grit sandpaper or 3m pad then  clean the area with acetone before applying a seal coat. I thin  the basecoat 10-15% and apply a thin coat to the areas where fabric is showing through. I'll build up the hypalon coating slowly until it is even.

inflatable boat paint
The basecoat sinks into the bare fabric and bonds the thread bare  areas. I'll apply two or three thin coats then lightly sand and reapply another coat. This is only necessary when the damage is this extensive and you want a really good job.

inflatable boat restoration
After the basecoat dries the sticking up bits can be sanded off.

fixing inflatable boats
The plan was to do half the boat and leave the other half unfinished to show the contrast. It was a good plan but too hard so from here on I am just going to finish the project.

painting inflatable boats
Good comparison from old to new   

inflatable boat paint
Good comparison from old to new 

inflatable boat paintinginflatable boat
Before and after - cone ends of inflatable

inflatable boats   zodiac inflatable boat paint
Bow area before and after using SRC

painting inflatable boats
Incredible restoration results - an old boat from rags to riches.

painting inflatable boat
A beautiful finish! - can you believe before and after?

restoring inflatable boats
Finished and looking great! Now it's your turn to make your inflatable boat look awesome!


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